Addiction Care and Treatment Program

Addiction is often seen as a disease wherein and deeply stigmatised in society. We aim to provide effective, comfortable, affordable treatment for addictions from which rehabilitation and recovery is possible.

The addiction care and treatment online course is a 12-module online course for health care providers. Patients who struggle with substance use disorders can benefit from the evidence-based treatments that are taught in the course.

Everyone is welcome to enroll in this class, not just those working in the medical field. Anyone who has an interest in learning more about the effects of drug and alcohol addiction is welcome to enroll in this class.

We use a proven care programme with a unique offering in that all the counsellors are trained across a range of addiction based disorders. Our treatment is trauma-based which assists the clients to face the reality of their addictions and carefully map a meaningful path toward their recovery. We are committed to delivering effective treatment plans; providing our clients with the benefit of freedom from addiction to substances. We assist the client in beginning a new lifestyle.

We have taken a more scientific and caring approach to our rehabilitation programme. Combining the latest research in drug and alcohol addiction and the Trauma Model of addiction treatment and recovery. Recovery Direct helps clients to reform their lives and return home to their loved ones.

The programme begins with a medically managed evaluation of needs. We are one of a handful of facilities in Southern Africa with a specialised past trauma unit. We believe that dealing holistically and practically with past trauma is a crucial step to dealing with the long-term healing and recovery journey.

The treatment centre addresses a range of substance abuse, mental health and complex trauma-related problems at the same time. We enable patients to understand how past and current experiences affect their decisions and behaviours in the present. Addiction is often linked to an deeper trauma, which is usually identified in the first few weeks of rehabilitation, and we offer a unique care programme focussing on resolving that trauma through specialised careful reprocessing.

Our driving force is for clients to lead happy and healthy lives after the programme and always feel part of our family. Working together, therapists and clients develop a Continuous Care programme that connects them with support groups and other resources within and outside of Sunrise Rehab. We have many resources for clients and their loved ones, and there is a large community of past clients who regularly meet and offer one another support.